It Begins With You and Your Family

“What you accomplish for God beyond your home will never be greater than what you typically practice with God within your home. What have you done in the past seven days to disciple your own family?” – Dr Timothy Paul Jones

3 Tips To Jump Start Your Prayer Life | Church Volunteer Central

Praying can be the most difficult when we need it the most. Here are three ideas to help you pray—even when you don’t feel like it! Such a simple post but so effective…

Five Prayer Focuses of Examen (End of the Day Reflection)

Years ago during my pastoral ministry sabbatical, I enjoyed this reflective prayer exercise. It helped me to re-embrace journalling as a spiritual discipline and gave me an outlet of expressing to the Lord my emotions and thoughts surrounding my day… Scriptures are listed for each section to use as prompting… Five Prayer Focuses of ExamenContinue reading “Five Prayer Focuses of Examen (End of the Day Reflection)”

Take Off Your Shoes

My sabbatical mentor passed this along… (From: Seasons of Your Heart by Macrina Wiederkehr)   My bare feet walk the earth reverently for everything keeps crying, Take off your shoes The ground you stand on is holy The ground of your being is holy.   When the wind sings through the pines like the breathContinue reading “Take Off Your Shoes”

Rest. Listen. Enjoy.

Before my sabbatical, I bought Alan Fadling’s book: An Unhurried Life: Following Jesus’ Rhythms of Work and Rest and received an introductory coaching word… Finished his book last week! I am indeed resting, listening, and enjoying my time with Jesus! 🙂 It was a good read with several excellent reminders. It got richer with eachContinue reading “Rest. Listen. Enjoy.”

Empty and Full

“Emptiness and fullness at first seem complete opposites. But in the spiritual life they are not. In the spiritual life we find the fulfillment of our deepest desires by becoming empty for God.” – Henri Nouwen “Empty me of me, fill me with you, Holy Spirit.” – My daily Prayer   Some verses to reflectContinue reading “Empty and Full”

His Presence

I just completed this compilation of Brother Lawrence and Frank Laubach’s journals and letters. What a powerful yet simple read. A classic indeed! A perfect read for my sabbatical… I have and will be sharing quotes from it in my posts. An excerpt from my first phase sabbatical report… “Now, I’ve started to re-read FrankContinue reading “His Presence”

Follow Jesus on the Stations of the Cross

Follow Jesus on the Stations of the Cross Enter a Gospel Scene to Participate in Resurrection Life I came across this wonderful reflection from Bill Gaultiere ~ and passed it along to our worship pastor for help in crafting actual stations of the cross put up in our church. However, I will be usingContinue reading “Follow Jesus on the Stations of the Cross”