Francis Chan Gives Up | Conversations for Ministry Leaders

Francis Chan shares his insight after 15 years of ministry and seeing no life change in one man in his church… “Churches that are built through our effort rather than the Spirit’s will quickly collapse when we stop pushing and prodding people along. Now we should push, prod, and persuade men, but I’ve learned to […]

A pastoral response to Ann Rice ‘quitting’ Christianity – Mark Driscoll

“…Christians should not be offended by her (Anne Rice’s) rejection of Christianity. We should instead use it as an opportunity to search our own lives to see how we have been vicious, cruel, mean, unloving, and difficult to others, and repent of our own sin without fixating on what we think are her sins. We […]

5 Reasons You May Not Be Seeing Spiritual Growth | TheResurgence

Trial and temptation is often a sign of God’s work in our circumstances to draw us away from the fleeting promises of sin into the sweeter promises of grace. Allow trial and temptation to push you closer to God, not away from him. Difficult things often indicate God’s presence, not his absence. He disciplines those […]

Have We Forgotten The Holy Spirit?

I think it was Francis Chan who said that if you took away the Holy Spirit in churches today, sadly many would still keep on operating because they have been built completely on talent with no request from the supernatural. “Many churches are empty, dry, and void of spiritual life because they have lost touch […]

ARTICLE: 6 Weeks Away & Unplugged – LV Hanson | Catalyst

The Father Does Not Shout, He Whispers. It wasn’t until I shut everything off that I slowly realized how much I tune into that which is the most immediately appealing…to that which “wins” my attention, and everything around me seems to SHOUT and compete for it – the television I watch, the movies I see, […]