My Dream for the Church in Canada

What do you long for, for the Church in Canada or even all of North America? Come dream with me… My Dream for the Church in Canada I pray for the Church to be so blessed by, and hungry and thirsty for Holy Spirit. I dream of… People hungrily meditating on the Word… not forContinue reading “My Dream for the Church in Canada”

We Can Hear from God

We Can Hear From God (Listening Prayer) Is it possible to come to God like an inquisitive child? – Mark 10:13-16 – Jesus encouraged the children to come to Him. – Matt 18:1-5 – Be like little children… (inquisitive, trusting…) – Gal 4:6-7 – We call God our Father because Jesus lives in us. WeContinue reading “We Can Hear from God”

My Process of Healing

“Watching is a vital part of praying. God wants us to seek out the holes in the walls of nations, churches, and individual lives. Just as David and Joshua found out why God’s blessing had dried up, it is our job as prophetic intercessors today to find these gaps and fill them with prayer.” –Continue reading “My Process of Healing”

Easter Song – Keith Green

Totally retro Easter song in my head all day long! 🙂 He is risen! Hear the bells ringing They’re singing that you can be born again Hear the bells ringing They’re singing Christ is risen from the dead The angel up on the tombstone Said He has risen, just as He said Quickly now, goContinue reading “Easter Song – Keith Green”

Are We Seeking God’s Kingdom?

Graham Cooke speaking to men… about building the church and seeking God’s kingdom …Powerful. Watch short clip below…   If you’d like to watch the full video… (skip through announcements to about 6:42 or even 9:40…) Read the book: Permission Granted to Do Church Differently in the 21st Century

‘Doing’ Church – “We make victims of our heroes.”

“Doing” Church in North America – “We make victims of our heroes.” Graham Cooke brilliantly describes how “doing” church today must start with leaders who can model freedom. He goes onto say that church revolves around 3 types of people: Initiators, Enablers and Resisters. He skillfully describes if that if we have any hopes of accomplishingContinue reading “‘Doing’ Church – “We make victims of our heroes.””

What should women do?

“Just imagine what would happen to this church if all the women left.” The looks on the men’s faces turned from indifference to shock and horror. They realized that the vast majority of the ‘hands on’ ministering was happening because of women. The women were faithful and valuable to building God’s kingdom! Jesus has tons of things to sayContinue reading “What should women do?”

Easter Song: Holy (Wedding Day)

“Holy (Wedding Day)” The City Harmonic  This is the story of the Son of God Hanging on the cross for me But it ends with a bride and groom And a wedding by a glassy sea O death where is your sting Cause I’ll be there singing Holy Holy Holy Is the Lord This isContinue reading “Easter Song: Holy (Wedding Day)”

Prayers: Healing Heart Wounds

How can you receive healing in your heart wounds? If this can be helpful for others, I’m sharing the goods! 🙂 This below is some material that was given to me after I was prayed over by others for 3 hours to break word curses spoken over me that perhaps accumulated over 10 years ofContinue reading “Prayers: Healing Heart Wounds”

A Lifestyle of Lingering

What religion does not consider is that the fragrance follows the oil. When you linger in His presence, He will change you. When you choose to lean on your beloved, your heart shifts. The church does not need more programs or printed bulletins. We have a surplus of whitewashed tombs. The church needs to get intimate with the bridegroom, seeking HisContinue reading “A Lifestyle of Lingering”