From Religion to Relationship :)

From religion to relationship. Yes, yes, yes… This was the journey of Saul of Tarsus to become the Apostle Paul. It took a paradigm shift, a transformation of mind to heart. Jesus got his attention, blinded him for days and then gave him new eyes to see! Jesus showed him that it wasn’t about rules,Continue reading “From Religion to Relationship :)”

How do we approach truth?

Just read this today and my heart leapt…! Jesus calls himself “the truth” (John 14:6), and the Holy Spirit, “the Spirit of truth” (John 14:7; 16:13). Any time we are not living from Jesus’ perspective, the foundation of truth, we are in some way connected to the father of lies, the devil. When we experienceContinue reading “How do we approach truth?”

Do you live in fear or in expectation?

I recently was blessed by these words sent to me in an email story… Expectation positions us to see miracles, big and small. It sharpens our vision and focuses our attention towards God. It liberates us from apprehension that blinds us to the majesty before us. Instead of being shackled by fearing the worst, we’reContinue reading “Do you live in fear or in expectation?”

What is the true job of a pastor?

The other day I had a delightful call with a young leader who brought up the topic of how a Pastor’s role appears to have terribly wandered today. I did a little digging on what others are saying… “Most books on church growth and leadership today argue that if pastors continue to do what pastorsContinue reading “What is the true job of a pastor?”

We Can Hear from God

We Can Hear From God (Listening Prayer) Is it possible to come to God like an inquisitive child? – Mark 10:13-16 – Jesus encouraged the children to come to Him. – Matt 18:1-5 – Be like little children… (inquisitive, trusting…) – Gal 4:6-7 – We call God our Father because Jesus lives in us. WeContinue reading “We Can Hear from God”

Discipleship Things We’ve Forgotten

“Success is not the pastor or the staff executing all the ministry; it’s them equipping the saints to do the work of ministry.” “If you seek to build a church, you rarely produce disciples…If you seek to make disciples, you always get the church.” “Pray about God giving you 3-5 men you can invest your lifeContinue reading “Discipleship Things We’ve Forgotten”

What should women do?

“Just imagine what would happen to this church if all the women left.” The looks on the men’s faces turned from indifference to shock and horror. They realized that the vast majority of the ‘hands on’ ministering was happening because of women. The women were faithful and valuable to building God’s kingdom! Jesus has tons of things to sayContinue reading “What should women do?”

Healing Prayer For Harmful Memories

Have you ever seen something that brought you distress or even traumatized you? Do you have any harmful images you’ve internalized that periodically come back to upset you? What do you do with these harmful memories and images? Read: Healing Prayer for Harmful Images (Soul Shepherding)  

Prayers: Healing Heart Wounds

How can you receive healing in your heart wounds? If this can be helpful for others, I’m sharing the goods! 🙂 This below is some material that was given to me after I was prayed over by others for 3 hours to break word curses spoken over me that perhaps accumulated over 10 years ofContinue reading “Prayers: Healing Heart Wounds”

When Men are Silent

What happens when men keep silent…? (I wrote a post recently… When We Silence Women …but let us also highlight the value of men’s voices…)  We need to hear both voices of men and women, not spoken in fleshly anger, but in bold Spirit-led risk-taking obedience… Dr Larry Crabb reminds us of the value of men’s voices… I alwaysContinue reading “When Men are Silent”