Missional Kids Ministry?

I’m looking for ministry leaders to engage in a discussion with me on how does one do missional kids ministry? How do you go from the attraction model of a “Disney-like” kids ministry to an effective life changing ministry that is geared towards mission? Or is there such a thing? Must you engage the entire […]

Going… To Provide Hope To The Hopeless

Jackie Pullinger was 22 when she started working with drug addicts in Hong Kong’s Walled City, infamous for its gangs and violence. She first went in the 1970’s and works among the drug addicts and street gangs still. Going to spread hope to the hopeless takes sacrifice. You can learn more about Jackie Pullinger here…

ARTICLE: Ministry Movements vs. Institutions – Tim Keller |

It is natural for new churches and ministries to try very hard to stay informal, non-codified, and non-centralized. But part of what makes a movement dynamic is a unified vision, and that always requires some codification and control. As time goes on, to maintain the main engine of movement-dynamics – a unified vision – a […]

Megachurch or Homechurch?

September 1, 2010 I’ve been wrestling with what is the best and most effective ‘function’ or ‘format’ of a church? What is the most healthy? I’ve been reading authors such as Alan Hirsch and Eddie Gibbs who speak of going missional as a church rather than attractional. Recently Francis Chan walked away from his megachurch […]

Hanging On Because You Have To

It’s very hard to not let others’ pessimism affect you while in ministry. This has been one of those years for me. Those who are slowly dying in their faith and trust of a Big God can slowly paralyze you too if you’re not careful. You ask for prayer for families in crisis and they […]

The Missional Church… What is it? Simple…

Here’s a simple video which explains what a missional church is as opposed to an attractional church… YouTube – The Missional Church… simple. Expecting people to come and experience the hope we have – doesn’t always work – especially when we were actually called to ‘go’. Lives change when we invest in others. Expecting people […]

Is Your Church Stuck Or Moving Forward?

I’m researching how churches get stuck and I’m learning… nothing really new. As I suspected, it starts with each of us as individuals. Are we each transformed? Has God gotten a hold of our life and transformed us with the gospel? Have we let Him transform us? Do people notice there’s something different about us? […]