Relationship, Not Religion

Update: My heart is full! I’m slowly gaining strength physically as my nervous system heals since my doctor ordered me to leave my place of ministry for peaceful rest back in June 2016. Though, last week I was in bed 3 days and one was in the house with all blinds drawn, ear plugs inContinue reading “Relationship, Not Religion”

The Depth of Sundays

The depth and richness of a Sunday / Sabbath is created by how we behave on the other six days of the week; they are the journey or pilgrimage to Sunday!   Enjoy reading the following books to learn more: The Rest of God by Mark Buchanan Keeping the Sabbath Wholly by Marva J DawnContinue reading “The Depth of Sundays”

5 Reasons You Need Rest

Few people take a day off in today’s culture to rest. The ones that actually do commit to resting are seen as oddballs. Case in point: when mentioning online recently that I did nothing all day, a friend commented, “Just don’t make a habit of it.” Whah? It’s sort of counter-cultural to stop for aContinue reading “5 Reasons You Need Rest”