Jesus Longs for His Church to Come Alive

I loved reading a book over the weekend written by a pastor who was told he needed to leave his institutional church in order to protect his health. Today, he leads a movement that has reached multiple countries. Below is a quote from his wife excerpted from his book: “The Revolution is happening – it’s happeningContinue reading “Jesus Longs for His Church to Come Alive”

My Radical Family is a Threat to Society

This morning I was reminded that I come from a history of people who were a threat to society… 🙂 Radicals. “The Anabaptists’ reform efforts were a threat to their society, because they claimed Christianity was to be lived out in small communities in accordance with the explicit teaching of Scripture. Similarly, the first-century ChristiansContinue reading “My Radical Family is a Threat to Society”

My Changing Mind on Church: Learning to Fly

My mind has been changing about church. After 10 years of pastoral ministry, I was wrecked, but in a good way… The mother bird pushes it’s young out of the nest to learn to fly… I think I didn’t want to leave the nest… Though I received several job offers over the years, and plenty of invitationsContinue reading “My Changing Mind on Church: Learning to Fly”