Locating God’s presence this past year.

Locating God’s presence this past year. (The Grand Prayer of Examen) Look Back – Look over the past 6 – 12 months. – Where has the Lord been present and at work in my life? – What significant changes have come my way? – When have I been the most stressed? the most blessed, andContinue reading “Locating God’s presence this past year.”

Five Prayer Focuses of Examen (End of the Day Reflection)

Years ago during my pastoral ministry sabbatical, I enjoyed this reflective prayer exercise. It helped me to re-embrace journalling as a spiritual discipline and gave me an outlet of expressing to the Lord my emotions and thoughts surrounding my day… Scriptures are listed for each section to use as prompting… Five Prayer Focuses of ExamenContinue reading “Five Prayer Focuses of Examen (End of the Day Reflection)”