Discipleship Things We’ve Forgotten

“Success is not the pastor or the staff executing all the ministry; it’s them equipping the saints to do the work of ministry.” “If you seek to build a church, you rarely produce disciples…If you seek to make disciples, you always get the church.” “Pray about God giving you 3-5 men you can invest your lifeContinue reading “Discipleship Things We’ve Forgotten”

Turn Your Worries Into Prayers

Turning your worries into prayers is a simple thing and yet one we constantly fail at. But, when we do get into the habit, the peace of God that comes is truly incredible. As you can tell, I’ve been meditating of late on the reflections of Henri Nouwen who wonderfully wrote… From Unceasing Thinking toContinue reading “Turn Your Worries Into Prayers”

Prayer for Faith and Trust for 2012

A friend posted this as her prayer for 2012, perhaps some of you can benefit from it too… “Father, I come to You by faith, laying every fear and worry at Your feet. I am not sure what this year holds for me but I do know You are with me every step of theContinue reading “Prayer for Faith and Trust for 2012”