Your Heart is Revealed Under Pressure.

I remember an Elvis Presley song and a line that sings… “Sweetened through the ages just like wine…” I’m pondering how going through trials and hardship makes one sweeter. I was listening to a woman the other day share about a preacher she heard and something was missing. I asked if he was a greenContinue reading “Your Heart is Revealed Under Pressure.”

Are you a dreamer?

In my time of resting, God continues to invite me to think outside the box. I feel like He keeps inviting me to be hungry for more. Here’s what I’m learning about dreams (the long forgotten language for many)… thanks to Murray Dueck. (A link to his book can be found at the bottom. Here’s an intro…)Continue reading “Are you a dreamer?”

My Sensitivity and Burden Bearing

As I journeyed forward from burnout in ministry a few years ago, I began to learn more about my spiritual sensitivity and discernment, a gift and a curse at times. Definitely a gift the enemy hates. Years ago, I read this post on Burden Bearing and it opened my eyes. Yet, I thought it wasContinue reading “My Sensitivity and Burden Bearing”