Countdown to the Cross and Open Grave! (Lent 2019)


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I love the Lenten season! 🙂

Passover (some call it ‘Easter’) is the most important event in our world history, and yet it can sneak up on us. We often spend so much time focusing on Christmas, that we forget Part 2, …the dying to self-part and receiving new life in Christ! Christmas is receiving God’s gift under the tree and Passover / Easter is opening it!

It is a season, not just a week or a day, and it all starts on a Wednesday. The countdown to Easter Sunday is called “Lent” referring to a lengthening of days as the days get longer with Springtime! Lent is a time that we remember to die to our selfishness, and to choose to live free in Christ!

This year I look forward to using the daily verses (see Year C below) and the Divine Reading template. Come and allow Jesus to bring you new life through these daily readings…

1. List of Scriptures – Year C – Lent : Revised Common Lectionary

2. Your Guide – Reflective Reading Template (Lectio Divina) 

Lenten Reading for the First Sunday of Lent:

The 6 weeks before Easter is called the “Lenten season”. The word Lent is from an old English word related to “lenthen”, and meant springtime, when the days are lengthening. We use it to refer to the days between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday.

Lent is a process of prayer and spiritual renewal. Join me this Lenten season as we focus on the journey to the cross which Christ sacrificially took for you and for me. Renew your focus on Him. He kept His focus on the cross despite all the agony. His love for you was greater!

(For me this season is timely. I need to focus on Him and not all the agony around me. You’re welcome to join me in this journey.)

Light seven candles before reading.

God created the universe—from galaxies to water spiders. He created the breeze that calms us and the hurricane that terrifies us. All of it shows us what He is like, it displays His glory and personality. He calls to us daily when we look at His creation…

But… we can easily become blinded to the truth. Some of us take all of God’s creation for granted and say it just got there somehow—no need for God. Others of us worship the things that He created and don’t see Him behind it.

Where does your heart lie?

John 1:1-5;

Gen 1:1-2:3;

Romans 1:18-25

1. Read the passages above slowly. (Click on the passages for the link.)
2. Linger with them quietly.
3. Ask God what He is saying to you and how He invites you to respond.
4. Write out or say a prayer back to Him.
5. Thank Him for His message to you today.

Snuff out one candle. Do not light again until Easter Sunday.

Hold on, it gets better… His rescue plan would change history forever. He would bring justice for you and me. Need a sneak peek?

He is the God who pays back those who harm me;
and rescues me…
You hold me safe…”

(Reflect more on Psalm 18…)

More reflections to come…

Sources: Some of my own and some adapted from Ann Voskamp, http://www.aholyexperience,com; Noel Piper,