Don’t Over Analyze Yourself

A good reminder for me as I seek to transition healthily into my sabbatical… It’s all about my focus… “Know yourself” is good advice. But to know ourselves doesn’t mean to analyze ourselves. Sometimes we want to know ourselves as if we were machines that could be taken apart and put back together at will.Continue reading “Don’t Over Analyze Yourself”

Have You Drifted?

“I’ve yet to meet a follower of Christ who deliberately set out to ignore God, but many have drifted away because they allowed everything else – the kids, the job, the demands, the stress, the struggle – to get in the way of the precious relationship he offers.” – Randy Frazee What is getting inContinue reading “Have You Drifted?”

Hearing Voices

Continually I seek to hear the right voice and for the discernment in recognizing His voice. It comes by familiarizing myself with the Shepherd’s voice through focused time in His Word and in prayer… It is daily seeking to hear… The Still, Small Voice of Love “Many voices ask for our attention. There is aContinue reading “Hearing Voices”