The Purpose of Lent (An Evangelical Perspective)

Forgiveness and freedom is what Easter is all about. Freedom from being stuck in bondage, freedom from sin …and not merely bad habits that make us swirl into addiction and entrapment.

Forgiveness of sin is what Jesus Christ’s death on the cross is all about.

The purpose of Lent is awareness; for you and I to be aware of our situation before Christ’s death… We far too often gloss over our problem of sin and think way too highly of ourselves without God’s rescue plan. Lent is the awareness of our humble position. Lent brings us to gratitude for God’s rescue plan. Lent reflection motivates us to love and to gratitude for the forgiveness of our sin through Christ’s work on the cross. Without awareness of our sin problem, and Christ’s incredible sacrifice on the cross for us, life’s meaning is confusing, life is self-centred, life falls short and we know in our hearts there is so much more than this. Life lived in awareness of Christ’s gift and receiving His gift of forgiveness brings freedom!! This Lent, choose His freedom!

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Advent, the countdown to Christmas, is a season of waiting for the Saviour to come. Lent is also a season of waiting; waiting for our Saviour’s rescue plan to be carried out for us! God came down at Christmas as baby Jesus our Lord, and then as an adult was sacrificed for our freedom at Easter! It’s the most incredible story told over and over.

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