Supernatural Mothers

Oh, this weekend of Mother’s Day… I have always noticed that this day and Father’s Day carries with it special supernatural meaning because we are called to be family (and when that doesn’t happen, there’s deep pain.) I pray more folks are adopted into loving community this weekend because they experience El Shaddai (“well breastedContinue reading “Supernatural Mothers”

My Vision on Women

One morning I woke up with a vision of a family who is well known and loved within their community caring for orphans and widows and the homeless, but behind closed doors the daughters are mistreated. Several older daughters left the family to find freedom. The next daughter in line spoke up against the mistreatment,Continue reading “My Vision on Women”

Cramming Defeats Marriages and Families

We learn how to cram before exams in high school and college in order to get all the info in our heads. Then we grow up and carry the same attitudes in our marriages and in how we raise kids. We goof off all semester and expect our quick fixes to cultivate our relationships. InContinue reading “Cramming Defeats Marriages and Families”

Ignorance: One Root to the Downfall of the Family | Disciple Like Jesus

Satan hates the family! That comes as no surprise to those who read the Bible and understand his evil ways. Yet Satan rarely attacks the family in an open, honest, and obvious way. The enemy of the family seeks to undermine the family. Read… Ignorance: One Root to the Downfall of the Family | DiscipleContinue reading “Ignorance: One Root to the Downfall of the Family | Disciple Like Jesus”