Fearless One Minute, Freaking Out the Next

I soooo loved this post (found below)! “Whether you deny Jesus in what you do or don’t do, he forgives and restores you as he did Peter.” I shared this post with a friend and she replied… “That was fantastic!!! Thank you for sharing! I love all your ‘Peter’ moments! What an honour to knowContinue reading “Fearless One Minute, Freaking Out the Next”

Dealing with Disappointment

Disappointment is the first seed of doubt that intrudes on our faith. Disappointment sounds so harmless, but it’s the tip of a wedge that will stop our spiritual growth and make us bitter and defeated. …if we let our disappointment fester, the wedge is driven in a little farther, and we experience discouragement. Unchecked, discouragementContinue reading “Dealing with Disappointment”