‘Doing’ Church – “We make victims of our heroes.”

“Doing” Church in North America – “We make victims of our heroes.” Graham Cooke brilliantly describes how “doing” church today must start with leaders who can model freedom. He goes onto say that church revolves around 3 types of people: Initiators, Enablers and Resisters. He skillfully describes if that if we have any hopes of accomplishingContinue reading “‘Doing’ Church – “We make victims of our heroes.””

My Changing Mind on Church: Learning to Fly

My mind has been changing about church. After 10 years of pastoral ministry, I was wrecked, but in a good way… The mother bird pushes it’s young out of the nest to learn to fly… I think I didn’t want to leave the nest… Though I received several job offers over the years, and plenty of invitationsContinue reading “My Changing Mind on Church: Learning to Fly”