Have You Missed It? Love Comes Down

God always takes the initiative in His love relationship with us. The trouble is too many of us miss His constant invitation to a most extraordinary relationship. We begin to philosophize it away, or deny it, or simply call it coincidence when anything good comes our way. It’s like we receive love letters constantly each day but we never get to know the one who sends them. We deny they come from anyone. Dear friends, someone deeply loves you… Sit up, look up, take note that God so desperately loves you. Get passed all the noise of our cultural Christmas, and look to the simple yet extraordinary #Christmas miracle when God came down for you. God is with YOU. Do you see Him in every moment? Look and you will see… You. …Are. …Loved… by a God who is the author of all perfect love. Open the door and receive this love in every way, in every circumstance, in every joy, and every hurt. His love is what turns brokenness into wholeness, ashes into beauty. Life is sweeter when you know the One who sends you His love in every moment of every day. Every relationship, every friendship is sweeter when you build it on His perfect love. Even every moment of loneliness can be a sweeter moment with Him alone, the Creator of the Universe. Look up. Love has come down to you in this moment.