Helping the Hurting

I’m realizing as we head home from a week vacation… My list of those who are ill, hurting, dying or who are walking loved ones through terminal illness seems to be growing. I’m reminded of when Jesus wept over Lazarus. When I get home and out of this can of (loving and adorable) sardines, first thing I’m doing is heading off alone to pray. I need to surrender and remember that I can’t provide pastoral care on my own strength. It’s futile. It’s stupid. It’s irresponsible. It’s arrogant. There’s nothing I can give from myself that is helpful. I must empty me of me and ask daily for the Spirit to fill me and flow through me to those who need Him. Only He can satisfy and sustain through the trying times. Praise God! We are not alone nor expected to exist alone. What mercy and grace is ours! But, it requires surrender.