Plans…? Hold them loosely… Instead, bask in His love!

Today, I had to release many things in my quiet time with the Lord. I did this in the morning and again in the evening when I followed the prayer of Examen. I realize that I’ve been grieving on my sabbatical with plans thwarted. (I’ve also realized I’ve been grieving the past year over hopesContinue reading “Plans…? Hold them loosely… Instead, bask in His love!”

His Presence

I just completed this compilation of Brother Lawrence and Frank Laubach’s journals and letters. What a powerful yet simple read. A classic indeed! A perfect read for my sabbatical… I have and will be sharing quotes from it in my posts. An excerpt from my first phase sabbatical report… “Now, I’ve started to re-read FrankContinue reading “His Presence”