The Necessity of Brokenness | Write Where It Hurts

If we have the eyes to see, we will come to know and understand that brokenness purifies our vision and chisels away all that keeps us from fully knowing the heart of God.

If you and I want to recover from the losses of life, we must catch a vision for the greater role that we were designed to play and see a bigger purpose beyond ourselves and our losses. In other words, we must slowly begin to see with eternal eyes that which is so difficult to see when loss first assaults our hearts—the story isn’t finished yet. This is a journey, not a race.

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For Whose Glory?

“I believe I am called to lead and help, but not without admitting I
am equally wounded and sinful. A humble, broken woman who takes God’s
Word seriously and herself lightly is a woman that God wants to use. Not
for her glory but for his alone. This ongoing heart struggle tethers me
to this truth:

I will always be a woman in need of a Savior.”

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A Prayer for Revealing Jesus through Our Brokenness

This post by Scott Smith just nails it today… perfect to pray over hurting families!

“Dear Jesus, to compare my season of stress with the apostle Paul’s would be like comparing my guitar playing with Eric Clapton’s, my dancing with the cast of River Dance, or my cooking skill with Mario Batali. There’s simply no comparison. When I consider everything your servant Paul experienced, I have nothing to bemoan or groan about—the whine meter doesn’t register very much…”

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