Leading In the Midst of Adversity

“Sometimes God allows adversity to come in our lives to build our character. God is more interested in our character than our comfort. Leadership is tough and filled with adversity. Challenges are around every corner. Sometimes the best thing we can do is ask ourselves and God, “What are you trying to teach me through this challenge? How are you trying to shape me through this experience? How can my character be built through this trial?” The Bible is filled with men and woman who experienced setbacks of all kinds. But it is also filled with people who trusted God and were molded and shaped through difficulty.”

Reference: Leading In the Midst of Adversity | PreteenMinistry.net

Seven Better Questions You Can Ask in the Midst of Adversity

Years ago, I learned an important lesson that is still helping me: the answers we get are often determined by the questions we ask. In times of adversity, this is particularly important. If you ask the wrong questions, you will feel fearful, discouraged, and defeated. In this post, I suggest seven BETTER questions.

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